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The Chuckle Brothers fly a hot air balloon.


Paul and Barry are setting up a balloon store, and Paul gives Barry too many balloons which results in him floating up into the air. Paul goes to Fred The Bread's bakery and gets some rock cakes in which Barry floats back down to the ground.

Paul then sends Barry go to and see June The Balloon and get a balloon, and Barry gets a hot air balloon for which Paul has the idea to fly it and advertise. They set up their own airport from the ground and set off in the hot air balloon.

Barry starts to bounce on top of the balloon and falls through making a big hole in the top and the Balloon loses height. Barry starts to chuck out sandbags but it doesn't make any difference until Barry falls out with one of the sandbags and the balloon starts to rise again. Paul starts to eat a chocolate, but it keeps calling his name until he realises it is Barry that is calling.

Paul then helps Barry into the balloon, but he comes back down to help Paul get in etc.

When they eventually get back in, Barry fixes the hole in the roof and Paul starts to advertise through a megaphone. They get back down to the ground, but don't know where they are. Paul motions to get the map, but the balloon has flown off. They get into the ChuckMobile and ride off, while the balloon flies off into the sky.


  • The picture on this page is used on one of the ChuckleVisions title sequences as a video.
  • This Was One Of Several Episodes Of Series 5 On CBBC On Choice.


Paul: I'll have to check the satilite picture.

Barry: What's it showing?

Paul: The Simpsons.

Barry: Oh no not again!

Barry: *Gets out chocolates*

Paul: Chocks Away!!!

Barry: *Disappointingly puts away chocolates*