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The Chuckle Brothers run a bakery.


Paul and Barry are running a bakery and are asked by Mrs McCallister to make a Blancmange, but when she returns home, she realises she forgot to give them the "Hundreds and Thousands" and because of a bad phone line, Paul thinks the dessert is for a hundred thousand people.

They set up a marquee and bring in some cooking utensils to go with a big bowl and start to add large quantities of the ingrediants into the bowl. Mrs McCallister turns up and Paul goes to talk to her, while Barry loses the whisk in the bowl, when he informs Paul, he tells him to go in and get it. Realising they need to do something else, they leave the tent and come back with a large wooden spoon, while Mrs McCallister looks on in amazement.

Barry then sits in the bowl in a small inflatable boat and then when their plan of stirring it fails, they get rid of the boat and Paul adds a shark to give Barry some encouragement.

Once they finished stirring, they realise the fridge is too small and attempt to use a fan to cool it, but the fan is so powerful it blows Paul to the wall and they resort to using the fridge. When they finish, they find it is too hard and Paul adds various ingredients.

Paul finishes setting up a large table and Barry tells him to come and look at it, inside the tent the Blancmange is pouring out of the bowl. Then Mrs McCallister arrives and Paul goes and talks to her, then she tells Paul that it is only for her and the Vicar. They take her to her seat at the table and Paul opens the tent on her request and the Blancmange pours over her. Then they run off, and in pleasure, she announces that it is just like her grandmother's.