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The Chuckle Brothers and No Slacking enter an automobile race.


Paul and Barry arrive at a house to tune a piano for No Slacking and every time they press the doorbell, his CD ejects. He lets them in and tells them he wants the piano lowering in pitch. The women next door then asks them to tune her car and tells them of the race they won't be entering this year because of her husband's bad back.

After stepping on a plank, they end up throwing a sponge and bucket at No Slacking and he comes round and starts to chase them, but he eventually gives up. They offer to do the race for her and they get kitted out in the racing clothes.

They begin to start their cars but it keeps cutting out and No Slacking agrees a deal to help with each other's cars. They then help him fix his car and eventually get it started up and he leaves without helping Paul and Barry.

Their car gets started up and they set off following No Slacking and he takes their wheel off to stop him following them. He rips up their map but Barry reveals that No Slacking has just torn up his own map which he was trying to give back to him. On the journey to stop him following them, Paul indicates right and he goes into a hay field and they end up missing the start of the race.

They chase each other around streets and roundabouts until No Slacking gets stuck in a puddle and falls into it, dirtying his hat which makes him cry. Paul and Barry tow him out until they return home. After announcing that he has had the most miserable day of his life, No Slacking goes inside to his piano where it is revealed Paul and Barry have 'lowered' it by chopping off the legs and Barry remarks that he will need a smaller stool. This is the final straw for No Slacking and he chases them out in frustration and anger and they quickly run away.


  • The title of this episode is a play on the Doobie Brothers song 'Wheels of Fortune'.