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Wrong Number (not to be confused with the episode of the same name from Series 13) is the fifth season's twelve episode.


The Chuckle Brothers call a wrong number and end up being on the run from two spies.


On the way home from the laundrette Paul and Barry see an advert for the circus, they want to phone up for tickets but don't have a piece of paper or pen to write it down on so the two remember the number by memory, they get half the number to remember Paul gets 332 Barry gets 411, they call in a phone booth, Barry gets confused and instead remembers 412, they get though to a man who tells them the things they need are under a bench by the pool in the park, the two assume he means the tickets and go to the park to get them.

They find two envolopes under a bench and think the tickets are inside instead they find top secret plans for an areoplane, they go to get their money back when they find two men in big coats looking around the park benches, the two men see Paul and Barry and chase after them. The two realise the two must be spies and go to the police only to find one of the spies down the pathway.

The two decide to put on clothes from the laundry bag Barry's carrying to give them the slip, They put on California-style clothes, but the spies find out it's them and chase them once again. The two dress up as park warden's and pick up litter, one of the spies see's the californian clothes coming out from under their shirts and the two chase them once again. The two dress up as spies themselves to give them the slip but they don't fall for it at all and chase them though the park and then on two mini kiddie ride trains, Paul and Barry get on The ChuckMobile and the spies get in their car and chase the chucks though a carpark. They get off The ChuckMobile and out off the car park where the chucks hide in a police station, the two spies follow.

The Chucks come out of the police station in original clothes unharmed while the spies get locked up. Paul and Barry hear circus music and decide there's still time to catch the second show.


  • The park scenes were filmed in St Nicholas's Park, in Warwick.
  • The multi-storey car park that Paul and Barry drive into is St Peter's Multi-Storey car park in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.


  • Why would Paul and Barry have Californian Clothes, Park Warden Outfits (unless they're from "Parks and Wreck-Reations"), Shepherd's Outfits, and of all things, Spy Costumes in their laundry?
  • When Paul and Barry are dressed in beach outfits and Paul has sunglasses on his head, you can see the boom mic reflected in them.